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Price + Age

Running accurate comps that include both the price and age of listings is the only way to know if an item is profitable AND if it will sell in a reasonable time.
If you're just comping on "Solds", then you're missing half the equation.
At $15 a month ReSeller will more than pay for itself in no time. Avoid bad buys, see the competition, skip a VERO, price to sell and know your average listing time.


What We Do

Information Magic

ReSeller gives you the pricing and age information you need to confidently run comps for purchasing or listing.
Filter and Sort the way you sell to get the best view of your real competition.

Check out the demo video below.

ReSeller Results Search Results

Time Matters

How old are the listings?

Maybe a few days and maybe a few thousand days? (yes, we said 'thousand')
Balanced comps offer the value of an item AND the velocity of the sale. ReSeller offers both, time matters.

ReSeller Search Results Shipping Filter

Looking Out

ReSeller matches all your search terms to VERO Heroes, acting as an early alert for potential VEROs or IP issues.

ReSeller uses private search so you won't get ads or offers on items you comp. Product Recall is coming soon!

VERO Heroes Alert

How We Do It

Watch a brief demo of the full ReSeller service and how we're redefining comping.

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You may actually look forward to running comps. Finally get the sales you see everyone else bragging about.